students at a table with a computer and an iPad

Project FOCUS is philosophically committed to supporting students in accessing all environments accessed by their peers. This includes virtual environments found in Web 2.0, social media, and social networking sites. Students use Weebly to create and maintain blogs about their experiences in Project FOCUS, Prezi and YouTube for their student led IEPs, and Twitter for their professional network. On a daily basis, students use D2L (the online platform used by the University of Arizona) to access course content, Google calendar to create and follow their schedules, and CatMail for email.

Project FOCUS also offers a 1:1 iPad program, issuing an iPad for each student. Students typically use their iPads to access their daily schedule and email.  Students also use various apps for note-taking, homework assignments and understanding course content. Students might also use their iPads for augmentative communication using such apps as Proloquo2Go and Something to Say. Although all iPads have a collection of standardized apps, other apps are individualized for student’s specific education, communication and self-determination needs.